Who do you recommend this program for?

If you are a beginner tango dancer, it's great to listen to this to get used to the sound of each duo (singer-orchestra).

If you are are studying Spanish, this is also highly recommended!

If you love to sing, please go ahead! Spanish lyrics are modified to match what the singers are singing, so you can karaoke!

If you are a seasoned dancer and wanted to deepen the understanding of tango music, this program is perfect.

How are the orchestra and singer chosen?

We choose from "Cantor de orquesta" from Golden Age.

How are the songs chosen?

Songs are chosen from what we often hear in the milongas and the poems.

Why did you start this project?

We've heard that foreigners dance different than Argentinean because they don't understand the lyrics. Sure, not all of us speak Spanish but with the translation, we can better understand the meaning of each song.

Derrick Del Pilar, Michael Krugman and Alberto Paz has translated many tangos already, but there are still more that we regularly dance to. So we decided to fill in the gap.

What is your plan for the future?

We have a full program until the end of 2020.
In 2021, we are planning to do a series on Poets (1 poet-10 songs / program) and themes (1 theme - 10 songs / program).
Stay tuned! If you have ideas or request, please tell us about it!

Can you play live in a milonga?

Of course! We DJed displaying slides with lyrics in Spanish and English for each song at El Valenciano in San Francisco on Sep 24th, 2019, the first Una Noche De Poesía! If you want to experience it in your event, please contact us!