Oscar Rubens (1914-1984)

Brother of Elias Randal and Luis Rubistein. Rubistein brothers established PAADI from which many actors and musicians came out.

He was a regular visitor at the boarding house “Happiness” where many of the musician in Caló's orchestra lived. Caló recorded many of his tangos.

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His work as Poet

Al Compás De Un Tango (With A Tango's Beat) BLD: Tanturi-Castillo

Tarareando (Humming) BLD: Caló-Berón

Cuatro Compases (Four Beats) BLD: Caló-Berón

Domingo A La Noche (Sunday At Night) BLD: Caló-Berón

Lejos de Buenos Aires (Far from Buenos Aires) BLD: Caló-Berón

Si Yo Pudiera Comprender (If I Could Understand) BLD: Caló-Iriarte

Rebeldía (Rebellion) BLD: Caló-Iriarte

Inquietud (Restlessness) BLD: Fresedo-Ruiz

Canta Pajarito (Sing, Little Bird) BLD: Di Sarli-Rufino2