HERE's the list of MILONGAs

We included the link to recommended translations by others.
*Poesía De Gotán by Derrick Del Pilar
**Tango Decoder by Michael Krugman
***Planet Tango by Alberto Paz
****other translators

Notes for our translation:
Singer often modifies the lyrics from the original version therefore the lyrics differ slightly depending upon the recording.
Our translations are done to a particular recording by orchestra and singer and are true to the interpretation of that particular version. 
This makes singing-along even easier!
Translating poetry is an impossible task. We opted to choose words that best fit the cadence of the music. Notes are when additional explanation is necessary.  Please feel free to send us a question or suggestion!

Así Es La Milonga (This is The Milonga)

Azabache (Jet)**

Buenos Aires De Ayer (Buenos Aires From Yesterday)

Campo Afuera (To Other Fields)*

Compadreando (Bragging)

Con Toda La Voz Que Tengo (With All Of My Voice)

Corrales Viejos (Corrales Viejos)

Cuando Un Viejo Se Enamora (When An Old Man Falls In Love)***

Del Tiempo Guapo (From A Brave Time)

Ella Es Así (That's How She Is)**

El Porteñito (El Porteñito)

En Lo De Laura (At Laura's Place)**

Entre Copa Y Copa (Between Shots)

Entre Pitada Y Pitada (Between a Puff and a Puff)

Estampa De Varón (Figure Of A Man)

Flor De Monserrat (The Flower of Monserrat)

La Cicatriz (The Scar)*

La Milonga De Buenos Aires (The Milonga of Buenos Aires)*

La Milonga Que Faltaba (The Milonga That We've Been Waiting For)

La Mulateada (Bunch of Mulattoes)***

La Vida Es Una Milonga (Life Is A Hectic Dance)****

Larga Las Penas (Cast Away Your Sorrow)**

Meta Fierro (At Full Throttle)

Milonga Criolla (Creole Milonga)**

Milonga Del Centenario (100 Year Anniversary Milonga)

Milonga Del Corazón (Milonga From The Heart)

Milonga del "900" (Milonga of the 1900s)*

Milonga Del Recuerdo (Milonga of Memory)

Milonga De Mis Amores (My Beloved Milonga)**

Milonga Que Peina Canas (Gray Hair Milonga)

Milonga Sentimental (Sentimental Milonga)

Milongón (Milongón)**

Mozo Guapo (A Bragging Lad)

Negra María (Black Maria)**

No Hay Tierra Como La Mía (There’s Nothing Like My Homeland)

Parque Patricios (Parque Patricios)

Porque Me Siento Feliz (Because I Feel Happy)

Sacale Punta (Sharpen it up!)**

Señores, Yo Soy Del Centro (Gentlemen, I'm From Downtown)

Silueta Porteña (Porteña Silhouette)

Yo Me Llamo “Juan Te Quiero” (I’m Called “Juan-I-Love-You”)*

Yo Soy De San Telmo (I’m from San Telmo)****

Zorzal (Thrush)**