HERE's the list of Valses

You can enjoy listening to each tango with English subtitles in the Bailongo De Los Domingos archive videos. 

We included the link to recommended translations by others.
*Poesía De Gotán by Derrick Del Pilar
**Tango Decoder by Michael Krugman
***Planet Tango by Alberto Paz
****other translators

Notes for our translation:
Singer often modifies the lyrics from the original version therefore the lyrics differ slightly depending upon the recording.
Our translations are done to a particular recording by orchestra and singer and are true to the interpretation of that particular version. 
This makes singing-along even easier!
Translating poetry is an impossible task. We opted to choose words that best fit the cadence of the music. Notes are when additional explanation is necessary.  Please feel free to send us a question or suggestion!

A Magaldi (To Magaldi)

A Su Memoria (In Her Memory)

Adiós, Querida (Farewell, Sweetheart)

Alma Mía (My Soul)

Bajo Un Cielo De Estrellas (Beneath A Star Filled Sky)*

Caserón De Tejas (Tile Roofed Big House)

Con Los Amigos (A Mi Madre)
(With Those Friends (To My Mother))*

Corazón De Oro (Heart of Gold)

Cuatro Palabras (Four Words)

Desde El Alma (From The Soul)****

El Espejos De Tus Ojos (The Mirror Of Your Eyes)

El Vals Soñador (Dreamy Waltz)

Esquinas Porteñas (Corners of Buenos Aires)*

Estampa Federal (Federalist Sketch)**

Flores Del Alma (Soul Flowers)*

Flor De Lino (Flax Flower)***

Ilusión Azul (Blue Illusion)*

Isabelita (Isabelita)**

Jugando, Jugando (Playing, Playing)

La Pulpera De Santa Lucía (The Bar Maid from Santa Lucia)

La Serenata De Ayer (The Serenade From Yesterday) 

La Serenata (Mi Amor) (The Serenade (My Love))

Lejos De Ti (Away From You)

Luna De Arrabal (Moon of the Humble Neighborhood)

Luna De Plata (Silver Moon)

Mascarita (Little Mask)

Mendocina (Girl From Mendoza)***

Mi Novia De Ayer (My Girlfriend From Yesterday)

Mi Romance (My Romance)

No Llores Madre (Don't Cry, Mother)

No Te Olvides De Mi Corazón (Don't Forget About My Heart)

Paisaje (Landscape)*

Palomita Blanca (Little White Dove)

Pedacito De Cielo (Little Piece of Heaven)

Pequeña (My Little One)

Recuerdos (Memories)

Romance De Barrio (Neighborhood Romance)*

Soñar Y Nada Más (To Dream And Nothing Else)***

Temblando (Trembling)

Tu Diagnóstico (Your Diagnosis)*

Viejo Portón (Old Gateway)*

Yo No Sé Que Me Han Hecho Tus Ojos
(I Don’t Know What Your Eyes Have Done To Me)***

Yo Tengo Una Novia (I Have A Girlfriend)