Luis Rubistein (1908-54)

Brother of Oscar Rubens and Elias Randal. Rubistein brothers established PAADI from which many actors and musicians came out.

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His work as Poet

Nada Más (Nothing More) BLD: D'Arienzo-Echagüe

Charlemos (Let’s Chat) BLD: Di Sarli-Rufino

En Tus Ojos De Cielo (In Your Skyblue Eyes) BLD: Caló-Berón

Un Crimen (A Crime) BLD: Caló-Berón

Ya Lo Ves (So You See) BLD: D'Arienzo-Mauré

Marión (Marion) BLD: Caló-Iriarte

Dos Palabras Por Favor (Two Words Please) BLD: Demare-Berón

Un Amor (One Love) BLD: Fresedo-Ruiz

Tarde Gris (Grey Afternoon) BLD Troilo-Floreal Ruiz

No Me Lo Digas (Don’t Tell Me) BLD Rodriguez-Moreno

Carnaval De Mi Barrio (Carnival In My Neighborhood) BLD Donato-Lagos&Morales