5/26 Presentation at Philadelphia Tango Festival "Poesia del Abrazo"

5/24 DJing with projection at  Philadelphia Tango Festival "Poesia del Abrazo"

4/14 Presentation at Victoria Tango Marathon


7/4 Una Noche De Poesía at El Valenciano

5/25 Presentation and Una Tarde De Poesía at Bailongo! Montreal

2/24 Cantor De Orquesta page uploaded

1/10 New translations uploaded
Cautivo (Captive)
El Encopao (The Drunk)
Gime El Viento (The Wind Howls)
Pájaro Ciego (Blind Bird)
No Le Digas Que La Quiero (Don't Tell Her That I Love Her)

12/30 Presentation at Tango Holiday in DC 2022.
            Tango Stories about Us: Beyond Sad Love Songs

Did you know that there are tangos that talk about tango-highs, cabeceos, embraces?
Let's listen to tangos and find out what they tell us about the milongas in the Golden Age.
Please join this interactive session to discover the third pillar of tango, poetry!!

Así Se Baila El Tango (This Is How to Dance Tango)*
      Bailarín De Contraseña (Ticket Stub Dancer)
Bailongo De Los Domingos  (Dance Party on Sundays)
Danza Maligna (Evil Dance)
El Trompito (Spinning Top)
      Este Es Tu Tango (This Is Your Tango)
      Muchachos, Comienza La Ronda (Kids, the Dance Is Starting!)*
              Una Emoción (A Emotion)* 

7/5 New translations for Una Tarde De Poesía at Nora's Tango Week are posted!

Sueño Querido (Dear Dream)
Encuentro (Encounter)
Mi Viejo Barrio (My Old Neighborhood)
Todo Terminó (It’s All Over)
Quién Tuviera Dieciocho Años (I Wish I Were 18)
Adiós, Marinero (Goodbye, Sailor) 
Pobre Colombina (Poor Colombine)

6/12 all 54 episodes of Una Noche De Poesía are uploaded on YOUTUBE!
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6/1 Links to online music services added to all our Translations!