Francisco Gorrindo (1908-63)

He was from middle class family, he worked for the government but he loved the nightlife.

He wrote many big hits in 1936-40s.

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His work as Poet

La Vida Es Corta (Life is Short) BLD: Tanturi-Castillo

La Bruja (The Witch) BLD: D'Arienzo-Echagüe

Paciencia (Patience) BLD: D'Arienzo-Echagüe

Mala Suerte (Bad Luck) BLD: Canaro-Famá

Magdala (Magdalene) BLD: D'Arienzo-Laborde

Las Cuarenta (Forty) BLD: Canaro-Maida

Ansiedad (Anxiety) BLD: D'Arienzo-Echagüe 2

Gólgota (Calvary)