Milonga Del Corazón (Milonga From The Heart)

Music: Miguel Bucino
Lyrics: Miguel Bucino
Translation: Felipe & Ayano
Recorded by Francisco Canaro with Roberto Maida in 1938*



Yo soy la milonga brava
hecha de amor y coraje,
Que silbaba el malevaje de mil novecientos tres.
Soy del tiempo del taquito
y la melena cuadrada,
De la alpargata bordada,
la “yapa” y el “Chatelaine”


Me hice adornar una corneta
llamadora del tranvía
para anunciar que venía repechando a todo tren
y al pasar frente a la puerta
donde su amor habitaba
el conductor me toreaba
para que oyera subir.



I’m the brave milonga
made with love and courage,
that the hoodlums from 1903 whistled.
I’m from the time of high heeled boots
and square hair,
of the embroidered espadrilles,
the free gifts and the watch chains.


I embellished a horn
of a streetcar
to announce that it was coming at full speed
and passing in front of the door
where his love lived
the driver tempted me 
so she would hear us coming up.


Note: Juan D'Arienzo also recorded this song with Alberto Echagüe in 1938.