Miguel Caló with Albeto Podestá

Caló was the first orchestra Podestá debut as tango singer in Buenos Aires. After he sang with Calos Di Sarli, Pedro Laurenz and Francini-Pontier, Caló invited him back to record some songs.

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Discography (chronological order)


Yo Soy El Tango (I Am The Tango)

Lyrics: Homero Expósito Translation: Felipe & Ayano Music: Domingo Federico 

Dos Fracasos (Two Disasters)

Lyrics: Homero Expósito Translation: Michael Krugman Music: Miguel Caló


Percal (Percale)
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Lyrics: Homero Expósito Translation: Alberto Paz Music: Domingo Federico 

Si Tú Quisieras (If You Want To)

Lyrics: Luis Rubistein Translation: Felipe & Ayano Music: Francisco Pracánico 


El Bazar De Los Juguetes (The Toy Store)

Lyrics: Reinaldo Yiso Translation: Felipe & Ayano Music: Roberto Rufino 


Que Falta Que Me Hacés (How Much I Need You)

Lyrics: Federico Silva Translation: Alberto Paz Music: Miguel Caló & Armando Pontier