Armando Pontier (1917-83)

Bandoneonist of Miguel Caló. Both Caló and Aníbal Troilo recorded many of his works. Later formed an orchestra with his best friend and violinist Enrique Mario Francini.

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Pontier's composition with lyrics

Tabaco (Tobacco)

Lyrics: José María Contursi Translation: Derrick Del Pilar Music: Armando Pontier

Cada Día Te Extraño Más (Each Day I Miss You More)

Lyrics: Carlos Bahr Translation: Felipe & Ayano Music: Armando Pontier

Corazón No Le Hagas Caso (Heart, Pay No Attention)

Lyrics: Carlos Bahr Translation: Alberto Paz Music: Armando Pontier

Trenzas (Braids)

Lyrics: Homero Expósito Translation: Michael Krugman Music: Armando Pontier 1945

Que Falta Que Me Hacés (How Much I Need You)

Lyrics: Federico Silva Translation: Alberto Paz Music: Miguel Caló & Armando Pontier

El Milagro (Miracle)

Lyrics: Homero Expósito Translation: Felipe & Ayano Music: Armando Pontier

Pontier's instrumental composition

Milongueando En El 40 (Going to milonga in the 1940s)

A Los Amigos (To Friends)

A Zárate (To Zarate)