Araca La Cana (Beware Of The Police)

Lyrics: Mario Rada
Translation: Felipe & Ayano
Music: Enrique Delfino 1933
Recorded by Osvaldo Fresedo with Roberto Ray in 1933



Yo que anduve entreverao
en mil y una ocasión
y en todas he guapeao
yo que al bardo me he jugao
entero el corazón sin asco ni cuidao.

Como un gil vengo a ensartarme
en esta daga que va a matarme
si es pa' creer que es cosa'e Dios
que al guapo más capaz
le faye el corazón.



I, who got in trouble
in thousand and one occasion
And in everything I’ve been brave
I, that on a whim I have bet
my heart in full without disgust nor care.

Like a stupid I came to stab myself
into this dagger that is going to kill me
if it’s to believe that it’s up to God
that the most skilled tough guy
can have his heart broken.