Corrales Viejos (Corrales Viejos)


Lyrics: Francisco Laino & Antonio Radicci
Translation: Felipe & Ayano
Music: Anselmo Aieta
Recorded by Edgardo Donato with Antonio Maida in 1934



Dónde estás Corrales Viejos
Cuna de grandes varones,
Rincón de mis ilusiones
Refugio de mi niñez.

La milonga “Humberto Primo”
La cancha de la “Tapada”,
Y la noble muchachada
Del año noventa y tres.



Where are you, "Corrales Viejos",
the crib of great men,
the corner of my hopes,
my childhood's refuge.

The milonga "Humberto Primo"
"La Cancha De la Tapada",
and the noble gang
of the year (18)93.


Note:  Corrales Viejos is a neighborhood in Buenos Aires next to Parque Patricios, where there used to be corrals - hence the name. It's an area considered to be the crib of Argentine tango and where many dancing happened in 1800s. Speficic name of places where tango was danced are mentioned in the lyrics such as Humberto Primo, La Cancha De La Tapada (cancha means pitch or field, tapado/a means covered so maybe it was outdoor space with a tent).